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For packing of goods, people often require corrugated boxes. Now days, wooden boxes are being replaced by these boxes, as they are easy to handle and are more attractive and mean of publishing its contents.

For manufacturing of these boxes, different machines like Corrugation, Board Cutter, Sheet Pasting, Sheet Pressing, Cutting and Creasing are required. In order to make sheet into box, one requires “STITCHING MACHINE” , without this machine packaging industries is incomplete.

For stitching machine, the name which comes in mind of most corrugators is “VENUS INDUSTRIES”manufacturing, exporting and supplying Stitching Machine, Baling Press, Box and Carton making machine, Semi-Auto Gluing Machine under the brand name “VIKAS” . VIKAS one of the pioneer in manufacturing stitching machine is solving the problems of its customer since 1963. Started with one model of the machine, today VIKAS is manufacturing different models of different sizes as per the requirement of its customer. VIKAS is known for its quality and standard and people working in the company have tried their best to maintain the standard and quality of the machines and will do so in future.

As, modern machines are electrically and computerized, keeping this thing in mind, VIKAS in 1996 introduced“SEMI AUTOMATIC GLUING MACHINE” , which is electrically controlled and is equipped with D.C. drive. The machine is capable of gluing the corrugated box flap instead of stitching. To make boxes environment friendly, most multinational companies prefer glued boxes instead of stitched, as they are easily recyclable, so this machine is the best alternative to stitching machine. VIKAS is the only one to manufacture this machine in INDIA.

To make box stitching easier, less time consuming and low maintenance cost, for the first time in INDIA, VIKAS recently introduced “SHAFTLESS SINGLE PIN STITCHING MACHINE” and “SHAFTLESS DOUBLE PIN STITCHING MACHINE”. The machines are equipped with “ELECTROMAGNETIC CLUTCH” instead of customized mechanical clutch.

VIKAS has also revolutionized packaging industry with its “SHEET PRESS” and “BALING PRESS”. Depending upon the requirement of the customers, different sizes of both the machine are available.

VIKAS was awarded with UDYOG PATRA AWARD for its excellence and skill and was also honored withGOLD MEDAL . In 2009, founder of VIKAS Mr. Santokh Singh Oberai was awarded with “LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” for his hard work, dedication and service offered to packaging industry.

With its wide range of products VIKAS has always tried to rectify the problems of its customers and will try to do so in future.

Since 1963, VIKAS has been helping industry to become more productive by providing innovative solutions to the problems related to Box Stitching. From humble beginning, our capabilities and facilities have been expanded to serve an ever broadening range of machines and needs.

Research and development ios the foundation of our business, we strive to adopt new technology and early to innovate and to comeptent our expertise in integration, we have manufactured machines like Semi Automatic Gluing Machine, Semi Automatic Gluing Machine and Shaftless Stitching Machine.

Mr Kuldip Singh